PicoCool v2 Launches

PicoCool v2 Launches

Feb 16, 2009

I’m so pleased to announce that version 2 of PicoCool has launched! I originally started PicoCool in September 2007 as a side blog where I could indulge in my passion for finding unique, and often obscure bytes of content from social networks and peer media. After doing that for a little over a year, I […]

On the Go

Aug 2, 2008

I’ve been tweaking the design of my site behind the scenes for the last few weeks and made the changes live tonight. Of course, there will be continuous tweaks, but I feel purged! Overall, I’ve tried to reduce clutter and simplify the structure and presentation – a proper cleansing. It’s an evolution but also a […]

PicoCool: Cool Content from Real People

PicoCool: Cool Content from Real People

Sep 10, 2007

After spending the last two years as eHub, obsessively profiling and trying out almost every web application that’s come out, I’ve decided to try something different from a new perspective. I just launched PicoCool, a site that’s dedicated to bringing you tiny and obscure content from the world of peer media, social networks and subcultures. […]

Purging Drafts Into Pico Posts

Purging Drafts Into Pico Posts

Sep 4, 2007

Ever since I started using Twitter, Tumblr, and Stikkit, it seems I haven’t been able to finish a blog post. Instead, I’m just Twittering, collecting, reading, posting: generally zipping through the electronic universe leaving a varied trail of my activities and thoughts. This speedy trip has its ups and downs. On the one hand, I […]

eHub Announces New Editors

Jul 9, 2007

As most of you know, I’ve been flying solo on eHub since it launched as the first Web 2.0 list back in Oct 2005. It’s been a thrill and both personally and professionally gratifying to maintain a resource that’s used widely. eHub has over 400,000 page views a month and reaches 14,000 daily RSS subscribers […]

Twitterverse Launches

Twitterverse Launches

Apr 10, 2007

Ideacodes is pleased to launch our first release of Twitterverse, a mashup and a visualization layer that mines and archives the public timeline of Twitter and provides a visualization of the most commonly used words in a given time period.  Twitter, the hot new product by Obvious, is a “sophisticated, device-agnostic, social message routing system […]

My Data Stream

Feb 19, 2007

After a year and a half of using social applications heavily, I recently had to revisit the plan to aggregate all my activity into one data stream. As the calendar rolled to 2007, I kept wishing I could look at all my social activity from 2006 in context: time, date, type of activity, location, memory, […]

Capturing the Flow of Design

Feb 4, 2007

The best way to present or analyze a design would be to record the desktop of an entire design cycle so that people (users, clients, developers, customers, etc.) can see the entire process that led up to the final prototype. Today’s designer works in a varied environment between screengrabs, layout, code, browser, chat: a hybrid […]

Happy One Year, Four Months

Jan 4, 2007

September 4th was the one year anniversary of this blog, but I’ve been too busy (!) to stop and ponder the significance of it until tonight. While I’ve had many blogs before, EmilyChang.com is the first professional blog that I’ve started that’s purely focused on web, design and technology, and it’s been an extremely gratifying […]

Vox Launches

Vox Launches

Oct 29, 2006

Vox, Six Apart’s new blog service, launched on Oct 26. Vox puts the emphasis on personal blogging and sharing with friends and family. It features advanced privacy controls, a stunning variety of unique themes, powerful integration with other services like Flickr, YouTube, and more. “Blogging is fun again. With powerful privacy controls that give you […]

Stylehive Launch: Party and New Features

Stylehive Launch: Party and New Features

Oct 23, 2006

Last Thursday night was the official launch party for Stylehive, the social shopping community focused on new trends, products, designers, stores and experts. The launch party was fabulous. Thanks to everyone that came! As Styehive editor, Stephanie Wong, writes in the Stylehive blog post: “Hivers, bloggers, friends and fashion fiends from San Francisco, Los Angeles […]

Explore CommunityWalk

Explore CommunityWalk

Mar 18, 2006

CommunityWalk, the web 2.0 mapping community, has launched the new Explore feature. The Explore page lets you zoom into the map, select a category, or use a live search to find different public maps on CommunityWalk. You can even enter a search for a specific area of the map, or right click to zoom out. […]

New eHub Interviews in Japanese

Nov 5, 2005

I’m pleased to announce a new set of eHub Interviews (Netvibes, Codase, goowy, ColorBlender, Last.fm) has been translated into Japanese by the exceptional Ryutaro Kamitsu. Please visit the links below for the Japanese versions, and as always, stay tuned for more! eHub Interviews Netvibes http://d.hatena.ne.jp/brazil/20051018/1129614139 eHub Interviews Codase http://d.hatena.ne.jp/brazil/20051019/1129652023 eHub Interviews goowy http://d.hatena.ne.jp/brazil/20051031/1130736366 eHub Interviews […]

EmilyChang.com Ranked in Technorati Top 1000

Nov 4, 2005

On November 1, after two weeks without updates (to inbound links and sites in the Technorati statistics), I logged into Technorati to find my site had jumped in rank from 1,616 (801 links from 423 sites) to 1,047 (1,096 links from 552 sites). At one point during the day, emilychang.com came in at number 999. […]

A Statistical Month in Review

Oct 12, 2005

Today is the one month birthday of eHub. I started blogging here at emilychang.com on September 3. A week later, I made eHub as a resource to keep up with the rapid-fire development of new web apps, services, and social trends that I had already been following with a keen eye. I’ll post thoughts about […]

eHub Interviews Launches

Oct 5, 2005

eHub Interviews launches featuring four interviews with creators of web 2.0 applications, including Writely, Protopage, CommunityWalk, CentralDesktop. New interviews will be launching daily at eHub Interviews. Stay tuned for interviews with Netvibes, last.fm, Kiko, Findory, Blinklist, Meta, Openomy, Prodigem, Fundable, Mappr, SiteVista, NetworthIQ, SWiK, eyeOS, Listal, LibraryThing, CommonTimes, Slawesome, CampaignMonitor, Filenice, voo2doo, Feedmarker, Delineate, MapStats, […]

eHub Interviews to Launch the Week of Web 2.0

Oct 3, 2005

eHub Interviews, a series of email interviews with the creators of Web 2.0 applications and services, will launch this week (October 3-8, 2005) as part of the unofficial Web 2.0 week here in San Francisco.1 With over 150 web applications and services in eHub (and growing every day), we felt it was time to hear […]

AJAX Image Gallery Examples – Alpha Release

Oct 1, 2005

We’re pleased to provide an alpha release of two examples of AJAX image galleries by Max Kiesler and Emily Chang of Ideacodes. One uses PHP and MySQL and the other requires no database and simply pulls images directly out of a designated directory on your web server. Please visit Max Kiesler’s post, AJAX Image Gallery […]

eHub: Ajax, Ruby, Web 2.0 resource list

Sep 12, 2005

eHub is a constantly updated list of web applications, services, resources, blogs or sites with a focus on next generation web (web 2.0), social software, blogging, Ajax, location mapping, open source, folksonomy, design and digital media sharing. Visit eHub! Buzz and Blogosphere Sept 17, 2005 eHub in The Social Software Weblog Barb Dybwad from The […]

AJAX, Ruby on Rails, Beta, Tagging, Ping Me T-shirts

Sep 7, 2005

Looking for a cool web t-shirt and want to help the cause? Get your ajax, ruby on rails, ping me, tagging, beta, design is strategy t-shirts today. All proceeds will go to the Katrina relief efforts. We’ve set up Max and Emily’s web t-shirt store. There’s more than just t-shirts too. How about a ruby […]

EmilyChang.com Launches

Sep 4, 2005

I’ve been keeping my life online at artcodes.com for a long time now, but I’ve decided to return artcodes to its roots as a place for my art experiments and personal life. Today I launched emilychang.com as my blog focused on strategic design and web. That’s the plan anyway. Like life, a website tends to […]


May 13, 2005

I’m now writing about more strategic and web related issues over at a new Ideacodes blog, BeingEDU.com.  Being EDU™ is a weblog about strategic web design and development for college and university websites, co-authored and co-edited by myself and Max Kiesler.  We invite you to take a look, BeingEDU.com, partcipate by posting comments, and if […]

Ideacodes is Born

Feb 8, 2005

Sometimes the least likely event turns out to be a blessing in disguise.  That’s how I’ve been feeling lately.  I’m no longer working for the marketing consulting company for higher education where I’ve been for over two years.  While everything was a surprise to me when it happened, in retrospect, I had already felt the […]

99 Windows

99 Windows

Nov 20, 2004

Launched a new site today, 99 Windows, an art project about windows and the idea of looking in, looking through, and reflecting — seeing both the imaginary and the real, the periphery and the obvious. My hope is to evoke a filmic, emotional or psychological state in one short instance online, in a loop.



Oct 8, 2004

Photo taken with T-Mobile Sidekick Welcome to V5 of the site!  It’s also the first moblog entry (a photo taken with my camera phone on the corner of 2nd and Mission).  Love living in SF.  It’s taken a while to get here, both metaphorically and in reality, but some things are worth the wait and […]