Snow Leopard: Smaller, Faster, Better

The Apple and tech blogs have been buzzing with this week’s early arrival of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, available this Friday, August 28, 2009. We’ve already pre-ordered our family pack upgrade. If you haven’t yet, it’s worth the upgrade at only $29 for an individual (or $25 at Amazon; $43.99 for the family pack upgrade at Amazon). Why? David Pogue covers this in his review today.

Either way, the big story here isn’t really Snow Leopard. It’s the radical concept of a software update that’s smaller, faster and better — instead of bigger, slower and more bloated. May the rest of the industry take the hint.

Via David Pogue’s State of the Art – A Leap Forward With Snow Leopard –

Update Aug 28: If you’re unsure whether your software will be compatible with the upgrade, check here.