Relaxing at the Istana, Uluwatu, Bali 073110-080110

The day after the wedding family and friends came over to the Istana from neighboring villas to relax, swim and have some BBQ. It was fun to catch up with Eric’s buddies from college, who overlapped with Max and my time at W&M and who we haven’t seen in fifteen years. Despite the passage of time, they were just as I remembered: smart, friendly, diverse. Had some good talks about surfing with Aaron, since it’s his new found passion as well. It was also great to spend some time with my cousin Josh and his gf, Heather, who I hadn’t seen since Grandma’s funeral, as well as reconnect with Tim, finally meet Cindy and Mike’s wife, Aniza. Yesterday at the wedding was the first time I met my 12 year old cousin, Jessica, Uncle Jimmy’s daughter. She’s a gorgeous and precocious, sweet girl.¬†They live in Bali and I hope she visits the US soon so we can spend some time together.