Internet consumption trends

Steve Rubel has an interesting article in AdAge, although I would argue that innovation, simplicity and utility have always been dominant trends even with PC internet browsing. I do think that the scale in which we consume has rapidly changed and the “always on” generation views content and connectivity as ubiquitous. Technology is just catching up to our expectations.

Within five years global internet consumption on mobile devices will surpass the same activity on PCs. This sounds like good news. It’s natural to think that browsers on the third screen (phones) and the fourth screen (tablets) will simply replace time spent in front of the same on a PC. That’s not the case.

Mobile devices, by their nature, force users to become more mission-oriented. As more internet consumption shifts to gadgets, it’s increasingly becoming an app world and we just live in it. Innovation, fun, simplicity and single-purpose utility will rule while grandiose design and complexity will fall by the wayside.

via It’s Time to Prepare for the End of the Web as We Know It – Advertising Age – Steve Rubel.