Want to get radical? Try being interesting. Interesting on a human, social, emotional, spiritual, meaningful level. Make stuff, do stuff, talk stuff, live stuff, breathe stuff that challenges, provokes, infuriates, amazes, inspires, and elevates. Make stuff that feeds, nourishes, seeds, and cultivates the heart, body, mind, and soul way, way, way beyond the limits of what your rivals think is even remotely, barely possible. Do it with a passion that borders on the maniacal. Grab the help of people that are considered untouchable. Enlist the support of customers in ways that are, to your rivals, just plain unthinkable. Have a vision so awesomely world-changing, so impertinently big, so intransigently idealistic, it verges on the politically, socially, and culturally radical.

via Umair Haque / Bubblegeneration.