Dec 19, 2010

Want to get radical? Try being interesting. Interesting on a human, social, emotional, spiritual, meaningful level. Make stuff, do stuff, talk stuff, live stuff, breathe stuff that challenges, provokes, infuriates, amazes, inspires, and elevates. Make stuff that feeds, nourishes, seeds, and cultivates the heart, body, mind, and soul way, way, way beyond the limits of […]

Designing Thinking

Aug 12, 2005

As a design-focused firm, I’m encouraged by the recent emphasis on business adopting more strategic design thinking and process techniques.  I’m familiar with the same sources and I like how the author, LukeW, frames the differences in a “business” versus “design” approach in his post A Difference of Design.  (Also see my post at BeingEDU […]

The Corporation

Jun 3, 2005

I was already entirely aware that we live in a world dominated by corporate messages and influence, controlled by the unending influence of money and profit, but the documentary, The Corporation, paints a much more specific portrait.  The current paradigm of greed over humanity is spiraling out of control at a rate much faster and […]

Invention isn’t magic: it’s mess and mistakes

Jan 22, 2003

Celebrated inventor Dean Kamen (best known recently for his creation of the Segway Human Transporter, a personal transportation gyroscopic scooter) says there’s no magic in invention, just mess: “It’s not some fundamental magic. The invention process is incredibly messy. It’s incredibly frustrating. You go around, bump into the wall, try another place, bump into another […]

In the end, it’s all about relationships

Jan 22, 2003

Don Tapscott, business consultant and author of “Digital Capital: Harnessing the Power of Business Webs,” says that it’s a mistake to discount the power of the Internet based on the bursting of the tech bubble:  “There is a real danger that people will decide to throw out the Internet baby with the dot-com bath water. […]