First Night in SF



We’ve finally moved from New York to San Francisco.  It’s the first night in the loft and we’re soaking in the magic from our eleventh floor view.  It’s almost the same view that we used to have when we visited and stayed at the Argent on third street.  From here, we can see more than 180 degrees around SF: the bay stretching to the east, the interstate cutting across third and fourth street, Potrero hill, more hills of houses and green in the distance, Mt. Sutro, the top of city hall, Moscone, Metreon, and the rise of the downtown buildings to the right.  Amazing.

The furniture’s not here for another day and I’m basking in the minimalist beauty of a bare two-story concrete loft. The first time I saw a loft in high school, flipping through an issue of Architectural Digest, it made an impression on me that has never left.  Even though I’m a small person, I function much better in vast spaces.  Ceiling height, combined with modern finishes and sculptural detail and I’m inspired.  Here’s to working towards a dream that’s come true.