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  • Tiltshift SoMA

    View left towards the bay from the 11th floor view at Ideacodes. Tiltshifted with TiltShift Generator for iPhone.

  • Construction

    They’re starting to build a highrise to the right of our building.

  • Drama Clouds

  • Cranes at Sunset

    Looking west towards the Metreon, the Moscone Center (the brightly-lit glass building), and the Civic Center dome in the distance.  Notice how the various metal cranes, though separated by many blocks, all…

  • New Point of View

    Switched from East Coast small-town greenery to West Coast city views. I’m loving it.

  • Hawthorne Street in Red

  • First Night in SF

    We’ve finally moved from New York to San Francisco.  It’s the first night in the loft and we’re soaking in the magic from our eleventh floor view.  It’s almost the same view…