Besuku ajax flickr gallery

It’s late Saturday night (okay, it’s Sunday morning… I’m in denial) and I’ve been experimenting with various image galleries.

Tonight’s new find is the Besuku ajax flickr gallery, a very elegant image gallery by Ben Sekulowicz.  The gallery is powered by flickr and the flickrArray (which Ben released in July). Configuration of the gallery couldn’t be made more simple – open a config page, add your flickr username and upload the pages to a FTP directory.

I like both the layout and the functionality of Ben’s gallery.  Now, both my visitors and I can view my photos by specific or shared tags without the flickr interface.  Since photos are pulled directly from flickr live, I’ll be interested to see whether the speed varies with traffic.  Look forward to seeing what develops from this.

See it in action: the Beseku ajax image gallery pulling in some my flickr photos (sorry, link discontinued).