Ajax Calendaring with Spongecell

Ajax Calendaring with Spongecell

Jan 30, 2006

I received email from Marc Guldimann tonight from Spongecell, an “absorbful calendar.” They’re having a launch party here in San Francisco at Ritual Roasters on Wednesday and we’ll be stopping by. There have been a lot of Ajax calendar applications (see the events and calendar category in eHub). Spongecell differentiates itself with the Spongebar, a […]

AJAX Image Gallery Examples – Alpha Release

Oct 1, 2005

We’re pleased to provide an alpha release of two examples of AJAX image galleries by Max Kiesler and Emily Chang of Ideacodes. One uses PHP and MySQL and the other requires no database and simply pulls images directly out of a designated directory on your web server. Please visit Max Kiesler’s post, AJAX Image Gallery […]

Tagging Yourself and Others

Sep 9, 2005

Like a lot of web people these days, I’ve been actively tagging my “stuff” in del.icio.us, Flickr, rojo, BlinkList, and Technorati. The more I tag both the content that I produce (blog posts, photos, links) and the content that I find (bookmarks, news stories, blog posts), the more I’m looking for a web application or […]

Social Design Opens Wide

Sep 4, 2005

It seems that every week there’s a new web application or service that allows you to organize another facet of your life online – then share it. Whether it’s collecting bookmarks or books, photos or events, new social software sites and web applications are popping up that let you take your offline habits online, play […]

Besuku ajax flickr gallery

Aug 28, 2005

It’s late Saturday night (okay, it’s Sunday morning… I’m in denial) and I’ve been experimenting with various image galleries. Tonight’s new find is the Besuku ajax flickr gallery, a very elegant image gallery by Ben Sekulowicz.  The gallery is powered by flickr and the flickrArray (which Ben released in July). Configuration of the gallery couldn’t […]

Jalenack’s Ajax Periodic Table of Elements

Aug 27, 2005

I’ve been wanting a new way to have a grid of thumbnails that pop-up larger images.  While I like the functionality of my blog photo gallery, it’s not as seamless to click to each photo and to the next page or all the way back to the thumbnail page.  Once you’ve experienced inline loading or […]

Wiki from Adaptive Path’s Ajax User Experience Week

Aug 26, 2005

If you’re interested in gaining further insight into the many facets of Ajax (see my post about Ajax from Feb 05), there’s a wiki with conference notes and perspective from Adaptive Path‘s User Experience Conference held last week in Washington D.C. To understand the primary differentiators of Ajax, see the notes and examples (at the […]

Ajax the Web

Feb 22, 2005

In his essay, Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications, Jesse James Garrett articulates a new use of several existing technologies – XHTML, CSS, DOM, XML, and Javascript, which, when used together as an “Ajax engine” could change the nature of web applications.  By moving to asynchronous patterns of delivery, the whole paradigm of a […]