One Year Later

Tonight marks the one year anniversary of moving here to SF and finding ourselves right where we want to be – in the heart of the web world with our own selected clients and projects.  We’ve been enjoying a quintessential “night off” for some other web fun (making video snippets, redesigning blog pages, entering and updating posts, searching through my digital photos).  Tomorrow, we’re building out a client’s beta-site and work on structural wireframes for an ecommerce site.  On Monday, I’m back designing for the next generation of blogging web applications.

I’m struck by how much has happened this year, and how I feel like I’ve both returned to being the “real me” and also evolved into a completely new person.  Owning your own company can be stressful at times and is certainly obsessively time-consuming, but it’s also more rewarding than anything I’ve ever experienced.  From the initial contact or proposal, through to launch or the next phase with a client, each decision is ours to make.  This level of personal contact bears a high level of responsibility but with it comes as deep a level of satisfaction, calm and awareness.

I’ve often found that at my most busy and multitasking moments, certain synchronicities start to pop up: I might read about someone on a blog, then I happen to come across their site on a random surf, or I see a design or graphic in passing, and then walk right into a store and pick up a t-shirt made by the same designer without knowing it.  I think the more you get into a zen-like balance, the more you’re rewarded by those little karmic moments.  Or, maybe it’s just that when you’re happy, your synapses are firing connections more rapidly.  Either way, I’m enjoying it.