Year / 2003

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  • Cyber-Feminism is the Issue

    Cyberfeminism is the theme of the current issue of ArtWomen, an online journal of feminist art. Contributing writers are Carolyn Guertin, Maria Fernandez, Cindy Gabriela Flores and the cyberfeminist cell subRosa, giving…

  • New Year

    Max and I are off to celebrate the new year with a dual part adventure.  First, we’re heading up to the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks for camping, snowshoeing, and hiking…

  • Holidays

    Nothing can compare to spending a week during Christmas with my family and Max playing mahjong, talking, lounging about, and eating real gourmet food (mom’s).

  • Snow pool

  • Metro stop at DCA

    Metro platform at DCA airport.

  • Creative minds at work

    I ran out of time to do a 30 second commercial for the contest, but over 1000 other people managed to squeeze it in!  I can’t wait to watch these over…

  • Kid robots jogging

    Newscasters seemed to be mocking Sony’s child-shaped walking robot that can now jog.  Personally, I think it’s amazing that the robot can now actually jump and lift itself off the ground. Sony…

  • Oswego

    Heading up to Syracuse tonight, then driving with JH to conduct a usability test with students in Red Creek, NY.  Interested to see their reactions to the interfaces.

  • Lost in

    Didn’t want to return to the real world after seeing Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation.  Pursuing the dreamy movie mood, we walked out of the theater into a crisp winter night.  Snow…

  • Emily in Hong Kong

    Spotted in Hong Kong by my brother.

  • Bots

    “Sometimes you feel like you just want to pet them,” says one of the computer scientists who works at SRI International, speaking of the more than one hundred little red robots (called…

  • The Station Agent

    Had to see The Station Agent after reading the plot.  Tender story, memorable characters, amazingly subtle film.  Patricia Clarkson was great and I hope to see Peter Dinklage in more films, too.

  • Welcome to V4

    Restructured the information architecture of the site, moved studio projects into a gallery and added work from 1996 – 2003, an ongoing process as you can imagine.  Enjoy exploring.

  • Sublime

    Web promo and inspiration piece for an outdoor content website. (Flash stream, 5 mb)

  • Bliss

    Second web promo and inspiration piece for an outdoor streaming video and content website.  (Flash stream 5 mb)

  • Figure Sticker

  • Lunar eclipse

    Last night’s total lunar eclipse… the last of the year. Photo by Z.

  • Time for a change

    It’s starting to get dark at 5 pm but that doesn’t mean things have slowed down.  A new artcodes design is underway and will launch soon.  Multiple web and digital projects are…

  • Digital Ritual

    In a new effort to refocus on some personal work (vs. professional work, which I love, but it’s been an eight month, seventy hour a week obsession), I’ve decided to mark the…

  • Accelerate

    Video/audio representation of my brain the last few months. (Quicktime, 1.4 MB)

  • Interview with Zeldman

    In this society, we are bombarded by other people’s creativity from the moment we wake up. Radio, billboards, the way this year’s cars are designed, the way the street grid works in…

  • Gum

  • Megabyte

  • Where have I been?

    Working online every waking hour.  Literally, from when I wake to when I go to bed.  I’m not gone, just busy.  Before I was busy, I was traveling.  But I’ll be back……

  • Streams and Wetlands at Risk

    The Bush administration is considering eliminating Clean Water Act protection for small streams and wetlands that appear isolated from rivers or lakes. Already the administration has issued guidance that eliminates federal protection…

  • Woodstock Middle Bridge

    Digital video still of the beautiful covered bridge in Woodstock, VT.

  • Cayuga at dusk

    A view of Lake Cayuga from Stewart Park, Ithaca, NY.

  • Lessons from Sundance

    Robert Redford’s Sundance enterprise includes a cable channel, a DVD/video line, a retail catalog, a resort, and its focal point—a nonprofit institute that is part artists’ colony, part R&D lab and producer…

  • 80 hours in New England

    Flying to Hartford, CT and driving to Riverdale, NY for a client meeting at Mount Saint Vincent College.  Then it’s onto Torrington, CT for an overnight stay at the Yankee Pedlar Inn…

  • Do Not Call

    Last day to get your number on the national Do Not Call list.