Interview with Zeldman

Oct 17, 2003

In this society, we are bombarded by other people’s creativity from the moment we wake up. Radio, billboards, the way this year’s cars are designed, the way the street grid works in your city: it’s all grist for the mill. How can your brain not be continually churning and coming up with ideas? How can […]

Opera browser gaining users

Aug 5, 2003

The Opera web browser has been downloaded 10 million times already this year and is “showing growing signs of use despite Microsoft’s continued dominance,” says this piece. The Norwegian company behind Opera “sees America Online’s reduced commitment to developing future versions of Netscape as a good sign for its own future.” Opera CEO Jon von […]

Future: Is there life after the browser?

Apr 19, 2003

One of the disadvantages of the browser is that there aren’t very good ways of organizing information,” Meyrowitz (president of Macromedia Products) said. “Bookmarks just don’t do the whole job. There’s no real sense of place for the information you want to come back to. Full story at cnet