Eye vs. Eye and Kern: iPhone Games for Designers

Eye vs. Eye and Kern: iPhone Games for Designers

Feb 13, 2009

As much as I love iPhone apps, I haven’t really gotten into games as much as other types of apps (social networking, productivity, photography, music, search, etc.), but these two games from FORMation Alliance might change my mind. Both are perfect for designers and visual people. EYE vs. EYE EYE vs. EYE Is an intense […]


Feb 2, 2003

Accepting entries for Pixelpalooza at Icon Factory from now until midnight March 31st, 2003. Pixelpalooza is an annual forum for all icon artists (iconists, as we like to call them) to strut their stuff and show how much talent is really out there. The main purpose of the contest is to energize the Macintosh icon […]

The Rashid Brothers

Jan 14, 2003

I discovered today that the work of two “designers” whose work I greatly admire are actually brothers.  Industrial designer, Karim Rashid, and Hani Rashid of Asymptote architecture. “Karim Rashid answers… what are you afraid of regarding the future? I have no fear, I love evolution, I’m looking forward to the day when we’re 50% synthetic […]