Wiki from Adaptive Path’s Ajax User Experience Week

Aug 26, 2005

If you’re interested in gaining further insight into the many facets of Ajax (see my post about Ajax from Feb 05), there’s a wiki with conference notes and perspective from Adaptive Path‘s User Experience Conference held last week in Washington D.C. To understand the primary differentiators of Ajax, see the notes and examples (at the […]

Digital Ritual

Oct 21, 2003

In a new effort to refocus on some personal work (vs. professional work, which I love, but it’s been an eight month, seventy hour a week obsession), I’ve decided to mark the end of the work day and the start of the art night by closing Arobat Reader, Word, Illustrator and Powerpoint, and opening the […]

Everybody’s doing it

Jul 24, 2003

A recent survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of AT&T predicts that four out of five companies will use remote workers by 2005, compared with only 56% today. The advent of more affordable (and workable) networking technology, combined with a corporate drive toward globalization is making telecommuting a practical option for many […]

Future: Is there life after the browser?

Apr 19, 2003

One of the disadvantages of the browser is that there aren’t very good ways of organizing information,” Meyrowitz (president of Macromedia Products) said. “Bookmarks just don’t do the whole job. There’s no real sense of place for the information you want to come back to. Full story at cnet


Apr 11, 2003

My desktop with stills from composited against iChat and a desktop picture of Bjork in a space bubble.  One of those wonderful web surfing days, full of pixels and unexpected translucent colors.


Feb 5, 2003

I’ve been looking for a particular set of errors that exists in this open source code for the last couple of hours.  In order to do so, I’ve gone through every config file line by line.  It’s in here somewhere and I hope I find it before I have to go to bed.  Otherwise, it’ll […]