Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Resources

Mar 14, 2011

Google has put together a quick page for earthquake and tsunami relief and donation sites.

Crisis in New Orleans

Sep 1, 2005

Here you are, like me, online. Probably in the comfort of your own environment, listening to your favorite music, a warm summer night – surfing the web.  Everything’s normal.  But no farther than a plane ride away, hundreds of thousands of people are enduring what no one should ever have to go through – sheer […]

Help Tsunami Victims

Dec 26, 2004

There are many places to donate aid to help Tsunami victims, but here are some of them: Tsunami Relief http://www.google.com/tsunami_relief.html International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent http://www.ifrc.org/helpnow/donate/donate_response.asp Save the Children http://www.savethechildren.org/