How much does a college or university blog really cost?

May 26, 2005

If you’re a school that wants to start a blog for reasons of recruitment, communication, academic voice, strategic planning, or community-buiding, but you’ve been hesitant to, I feel your pain.  I used to work for a “marketing communications consulting firm in higher education” where they once recommended an admissions-focused blog for a client with a […]


May 13, 2005

I’m now writing about more strategic and web related issues over at a new Ideacodes blog,  Being EDU™ is a weblog about strategic web design and development for college and university websites, co-authored and co-edited by myself and Max Kiesler.  We invite you to take a look,, partcipate by posting comments, and if […]

Limestone Buildings

Apr 14, 2004

One of the views of the limestone buildings from my 14th floor room at the Crowne Plaza on K St and 14th.  I’m here in Washington DC to speak at a CASE conference (and hopefully, to refuel in the warm and sunny mid-atlantic spring). Another view of the limestone corridor:

Speaking at CASE

Apr 13, 2004

Going to be in Washington D.C. for the next few days, speaking about “Best practices in web design” at the CASE conference. Say hello if you’re there!

Marina Del Ray

Jan 9, 2004

View out of my hotel room in Marina Del Ray, CA.


Jan 8, 2004

Traveling to LA for a new client meeting at LMU.  Looking forward to warmer weather and seeing the Pacific again.  Hopefully, I’ll have time to head to Venice beach and Santa Monica for some photos with the new Nikon.


Dec 16, 2003

Heading up to Syracuse tonight, then driving with JH to conduct a usability test with students in Red Creek, NY.  Interested to see their reactions to the interfaces.

80 hours in New England

Sep 3, 2003

Flying to Hartford, CT and driving to Riverdale, NY for a client meeting at Mount Saint Vincent College.  Then it’s onto Torrington, CT for an overnight stay at the Yankee Pedlar Inn on Main St.  In the morning, I’ll drive an hour to Lakeville for a meeting at the Hotchkiss School before heading back to […]

Middlebury, VT

Jul 29, 2003

Heading to Vermont again, this time to Middlebury.  Driving up to meet M in Woodstock and on to Burlington for an early check-in at the hotel.  Picking up V at the airport for the presentation in the morning.  Should be interesting! Update:  Had dinner at SmokeJacks.  Best grilled tofu I’ve ever had.

Heading south

Jun 24, 2003

Giving a design workshop on best practices with at Mizzou.  I wonder if there’s any tofu there?

Back to Vermont

Jun 19, 2003

Haven’t been to Vermont since 1999 so I’m especially looking forward to driving through the rolling Green mountain landscape again.  Heading up to Woodstock to work with M and then to Hanover, NH for a meeting at Dartmouth.

Southern California in the Spring

Southern California in the Spring

Apr 27, 2003

Stills taken with my digital video camera while flying.  The graininess adds a retro quality, making these photos look like they might be from my childhood in the 70s rather than the present, 2003.