Coppola On Risk, Money, Craft & Collaboration

Jan 30, 2011

Over the course of 45 years in the film business, Francis Ford Coppola has refined a singular code of ethics that govern his filmmaking. There are three rules: 1) Write and direct original screenplays,  2) make them with the most modern technology available,  and 3) self-finance them. If you don’t take a risk then how […]

Art & Copy Film

Aug 24, 2009

[vimeo][/vimeo] ART & COPY is a powerful new film about advertising and inspiration. Directed by Doug Pray (SURFWISE, SCRATCH, HYPE!), it reveals the work and wisdom of some of the most influential advertising creatives of our time — people who’ve profoundly impacted our culture, yet are virtually unknown outside their industry. Exploding forth from advertising’s […]



Apr 21, 2009

Went to the SF screening of Gary Hustwit’s new film, Objectified, at the Sundance Kabuki theater. Gary and Tim Brown answered questions afterwards. I thought it was perhaps too broad of an overview of industrial design and more promotional for the companies featured. For me, it wasn’t as engaging or as inspiring as Helvetica.

Beaulieu 16mm

Beaulieu 16mm

Jan 11, 2008

The Station Agent

Nov 29, 2003

Had to see The Station Agent after reading the plot.  Tender story, memorable characters, amazingly subtle film.  Patricia Clarkson was great and I hope to see Peter Dinklage in more films, too.

Film persona(lity)

Jul 2, 2003

WARHOLIAN IDOL. “The great stars,” said Andy Warhol, “are the ones who are doing something you can watch every second, even if it’s just a movement inside their eyes,” as reported by Sarah Boxer in The New York Times.  Back in the ‘60s—between ‘64 and ‘66 to be exact—Warhol shot some 500, black-and-white, 16 mm […]

Matrix Reloaded

May 15, 2003

So much anticipation, but as expected, the first one was better.

Naqoyqatsi, playing at Cornell Cinema

Feb 1, 2003

I’ve been waiting to see this, having missed the NYC premiere. Naqoyqatsi, Hopi for “war as a way of life”, concludes Godfrey Reggio’s meditative trilogy on the plight of nature in a world gone rather mad with industrial greed. hybrid (piece I made for the Miramax site) Following a kaleidoscopic logic, the film shatters the […]