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  • Paper-Thin Batteries

    Most batteries require some amount of bulk, making them impractical for use in flexible and lightweight objects. But a team of materials scientists at Stanford have succeeded in creating a paper-thin battery…

  • “Fair Trade” Electronics

    From Foxconn Suicides: Is It Time For “Fair Trade” Electronics? Would You Buy A “Fair Trade” iPhone? by Tom Foremski All the large tech companies such as Apple, Nokia, Dell, etc have…

  • Mobile Digital Workstation

    Current work setup in hotel.

  • Buy an iPhone from a vending machine

    Gadgets for sale in vending machines aren’t that new of a thing, especially in airports or in Asia, but this was the first time I saw one selling iPhones or iPods in…

  • Flexible Space Invaders Keyboard

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  • iPhone Arrives

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