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  • party time

    party time

  • Emojicons for iPhone

    “Icon Keyboard” is a free Emoji keyboard/icon app available in iTunes. You copy and paste the icons from the app into your text messages or tweets.

  • DIY Paper iPhone Dock

    Julien Madérou has created a paper iPhone dock with a printable version for you to download and create  yourself. Very clever.  A commenter notes that if you have a metal iPod touch…

  • Gear

  • Yay Necklace

    Thanks so much to Couchobjects for sending me this necklace! What a nice surprise.

  • Flexible Space Invaders Keyboard

  • Max Proposes on Twitter

    Max proposes on Twitter while we’re sitting at opposite sides of our place on our computers :) Mashable picks up the story, it gets on Techmeme and Wired. Geekiness ensues.

  • Gifts from Howard

  • Rumsfeld Resignation

    Summarized in a Mac OSX screenshot… Via Boing Boing

  • 082905

    “Geeking is not about high tech. It’s about taking stuff apart and putting https://theathleteprogram.com/buy-cheap-valium-online/ it together and making something new. It’s about curiosity and tinkering, whether it be with gardens, vacuum tubes…

  • Geek Chorus

    Students with laptops and wireless connections are opening up “back-channel” discussions during classroom lectures, according to a New York Times article by Lisa Guernsey. While the lecturer is up there lecturing, clusters…