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  • party time

    party time

  • Emojicons for iPhone

    “Icon Keyboard” is a free Emoji keyboard/icon app available in iTunes. You copy and paste the icons from the app into your text messages or tweets.

  • DIY Paper iPhone Dock

    Julien Madérou has created a paper iPhone dock with a printable version for you to download and create  yourself. Very clever.  A commenter notes that if you have a metal iPod touch…

  • Gear

  • Yay Necklace

    Thanks so much to Couchobjects for sending me this necklace! What a nice surprise.

  • Flexible Space Invaders Keyboard

  • Max Proposes on Twitter

    Max proposes on Twitter while we’re sitting at opposite sides of our place on our computers :) Mashable picks up the story, it gets on Techmeme and Wired. Geekiness ensues.

  • Gifts from Howard

  • Rumsfeld Resignation

    Summarized in a Mac OSX screenshot… Via Boing Boing

  • 082905

    “Geeking is not about high tech. It’s about taking stuff apart and putting it together and making something new. It’s about curiosity and tinkering, whether it be with gardens, vacuum tubes or…

  • Geek Chorus

    Students with laptops and wireless connections are opening up “back-channel” discussions during classroom lectures, according to a New York Times article by Lisa Guernsey. While the lecturer is up there lecturing, clusters…