Aug 5, 2011

Enjoyed playing OLO just now, a game/experiment using latest features of CSS3 and HTML5. Found it to be mellow, minimal and with some simple constraints to make it interesting. OLO is a free game developed for finger-flicking fun on touch devices. Play it straight in the browser or offline and full-screen… no internet required! To […]

iOS 4.3 beta

Jan 12, 2011

New 4 and 5-finger multi-touch gestures for iPad in iOS 4.3 (and personal hotspot): According to Macstories.net, iOS 4.3 brings new multi-touch gestures built specifically for the iPad, including 4- and 5-finger gestures. The new beta reportedly allows users to pinch to access the home screen, to swipe up to reveal the multitasking tray, and […]

IDEO on the Future of the Book

IDEO on the Future of the Book

Sep 21, 2010

Meet Nelson, Coupland, and Alice — the faces of tomorrow’s book… What new experiences might be created by linking diverse discussions, what additional value could be created by connected readers to one another, and what innovative ways we might use to tell our favorite stories and build community around books? [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/15142335[/vimeo]

Our Sixth Sense: Wearable Fluid Interfaces

Feb 7, 2009

This week at the TED conference, Pattie Maes from MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces group showcased the latest work of her students, “a wearable computing system that turns any surface into an interactive display screen. The wearer can summon virtual gadgets and internet data at will, then dispel them like smoke when they’re done.” Pattie […]

Fluid UI: Multi-touch screen

Feb 3, 2007

[youtube]PqXPD7EHDto[/youtube] As we amass more and more data, it seems only natural that we’ll need new methods to navigate this space. Jeff Han’s multi-touch screen is impressive. I don’t know if it’s the best way to manipulate all types of data or more fine-grained scenarios, but it clearly opens up possibilities for using a wide […]