Net Neutrality

Jun 10, 2006

UPDATE: Thursday, June 22 – “When I invented the Web, I didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission. Now, hundreds of millions of people are using it freely. I am worried that that is going end in the USA.” Read the rest of Tim Berners Lee’s post from yesterday, Net Neutrality: This is serious, and you’ll […]

Crisis in New Orleans

Sep 1, 2005

Here you are, like me, online. Probably in the comfort of your own environment, listening to your favorite music, a warm summer night – surfing the web.  Everything’s normal.  But no farther than a plane ride away, hundreds of thousands of people are enduring what no one should ever have to go through – sheer […]

Risk Society

Nov 12, 2004

1) On Bush’s plan to turn America into an ownership society at the New Yorker. “The ownership society promises freedom, but at the price of a huge shift in risk, away from government and society and onto individual citizens.” 2) Chart showing the average IQ in states voting for Kerry or Bush. [via kottke and […]