New Point of View

New Point of View

Nov 9, 2004

Switched from East Coast small-town greenery to West Coast city views. I’m loving it.



Jun 11, 2004

Blue Sky Tower

Jun 8, 2004

Red Gel

Jun 1, 2004

Summer dusk in Ithaca

May 10, 2004

Skies outside the balcony after kayaking in Lake Cayuga.

Winter sky in Ithaca

Jan 29, 2004

Snow pool

Dec 22, 2003

Lost in

Dec 13, 2003

Didn’t want to return to the real world after seeing Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation.  Pursuing the dreamy movie mood, we walked out of the theater into a crisp winter night.  Snow fell lightly as we crossed the street for appetizers and red wine at Simeon’s.

Cayuga at dusk

Sep 13, 2003

A view of Lake Cayuga from Stewart Park, Ithaca, NY.

Blackout Blog

Aug 15, 2003

Power is back up in Ithaca, NY.  Check this link for blackout coverage on the web.  Yesterday, our power cut out at 4:11 pm like many on the east coast.  I was in the middle of a work email and was irked, thinking it was a fuse blowing out.  We looked out and heard neighbors […]


Aug 9, 2003

Summer solstice

Jun 21, 2003

Purple daze

Jun 3, 2003

Spent the weekend redesigning the apartment.  I’ve never been that fond of purple, but this time the fabric seemed to work really well with the blues of the leather couch.  The bedroom is an amazing lime green with a base of light grey.  Learned to sew and made two soft cover cases for the TV […]

Ithaca blue

May 18, 2003

Self in winter

Jan 13, 2003


Snow branch

Jan 9, 2003

One way

Jan 7, 2003

At this time in 1972, I was ten hours away from being born.

After the snow storm

Jan 5, 2003

Photos taken after a major snowstorm in Ithaca, NY that lasted all weekend and piled several feet of snow.  Everything is hushed by the thickness of snow.

Snowy artcodes

Jan 4, 2003

My plate surrounded by snow!