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  • New Point of View

    Switched from East Coast small-town greenery to West Coast city views. I’m loving it.

  • Sign

  • Blue Sky Tower

  • Red Gel

  • Summer dusk in Ithaca

    Skies outside the balcony after kayaking in Lake Cayuga.

  • Back home, temporarily

  • Winter sky in Ithaca

  • Snow pool

  • Lost in

    Didn’t want to return to the real world after seeing Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation.  Pursuing the dreamy movie mood, we walked out of the theater into a crisp winter night.  Snow…

  • Cayuga at dusk

    A view of Lake Cayuga from Stewart Park, Ithaca, NY.

  • Blackout Blog

    Power is back up in Ithaca, NY.  Check this link for blackout coverage on the web.  Yesterday, our power cut out at 4:11 pm like many on the east coast.  I was…

  • Pool-side

  • Summer leaves, accented

  • Summer solstice

  • Purple daze

    Spent the weekend redesigning the apartment.  I’ve never been that fond of purple, but this time the fabric seemed to work really well with the blues of https://thisiskettering.com/accutane-pills/ the leather couch.  The…

  • Ithaca blue

  • Self in winter


  • Snow branch

  • One way

    At this time in 1972, I was ten hours away from being born.

  • After the snow storm

    Photos taken after a major snowstorm in Ithaca, NY that lasted all weekend and piled several feet of snow.  Everything is hushed by the thickness of snow.

  • Snowy artcodes

    My plate surrounded by snow!