Patagonia Music

Mar 1, 2011

Patagonia Music launched today: Buy a song, benefit the environment. Patagonia has teamed up with a diverse group of world-class musicians to help protect and restore our natural environment. The musicians donate an exclusive song, you buy some great music on iTunes® and non-profit environmental groups receive much-needed funds. Download the Patagonia Music iPhone app […]

iTunes 9.0 App Management

iTunes 9.0 App Management

Sep 10, 2009

Finally! The new iTunes 9.0 has an app manager. It’s fairly easy to use but as Steve Rhodes pointed out on my Flickr page, “it is a pain if you want to move several apps from one of the first pages to one of the last pages, but it is much better than doing it […]

One in four songs sold in U.S. is from iTunes

Aug 21, 2009

Reading this and re-realizing that I live in a bubble of technological affluence: One in four songs sold in U.S. is from iTunes NPD MusicWatch’s report indicates that audio CDs remain the dominant format, responsible for 65 percent of all music sold in the first half of 2009. But digital music, which makes up the […]

iTunes App Store Turns One

iTunes App Store Turns One

Jul 9, 2009

Happy one year to the iPhone app store. While there are certainly improvements to be made in the app store experience and iTunes management of your purchased apps, all in all, having iPhone apps has certainly changed my mobile experience.  Apple is celebrating (iTunes link) by showcasing some of their favorite apps. Light a candle […]

Stanford on iTunes

Stanford on iTunes

Feb 3, 2006

Having spent many years developing web products for higher education, I’m always interested when universities or colleges open up their knowledge banks to the public using new technologies (see OpenCourseWare Finder). I can’t wait to try out Stanford on iTunes, a collaboration with Apple to provide public access to a variety of digital audio (will […]

iPod nano

Sep 12, 2005

For a real-world and hilarious account of Apple’s big pitch for the nano and the iTunes phone at the Moscone here in SF last week, read Nicole Lee‘s post at Metroblogging SF, Report from Apple Media Event, Moscone West.

Why iTunes has bands on the run

Jul 30, 2003

Explores a growing split in how musicians and their fans view online digital music services. Some bands say fans downloading only a song or two dilutes the artistry they put into creating an album of songs, but customers, on the other hand, like being in control. Story at BusinessWeek [via VirtualR]