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  • 2019-05-14

    Something very special about surfing the same break as the original aloha ambassador and father of modern surfing, Duke Kahanamoku

  • 2019-05-14

    Waikiki, you take my breath away

  • 2019-05-13

    south swell is here

  • 2019-05-12

    Rode a long, 108 yard, 11.1 mph wave on this 4-5ft southwest swell in Waikiki for my mom this morning and she was stoked! Her love has made everything in my life possible. Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there

  • 2019-05-11

    thank you @mitsudesign for making such amazing surfboards. love my 9’1. @alohaboardshop808

  • 2019-05-11

    waves for days. mahalo for the ssw swell

  • 2019-05-10

    chinese greens/choy at the farmer’s market

  • 2019-05-07

    walk to the sea

  • 2019-05-05

    monstera leaf

  • 2019-05-05

    white ukulele wall

  • 2019-05-04

    happy aloha friday

  • 2019-05-02

    couldn’t be happier and grateful to be back in our second home