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  • 2019-05-23

    Surfing with @maxkiesler

  • 2019-05-05

    white ukulele wall

  • soma


  • flight of the crows

    flight of the crows

  • cali-scape


  • sky, sea, sand, ironwood trees: a slice of waimanolo

    sky, sea, sand, ironwood trees: a slice of waimanolo

  • so good

    so good

  • bridge fog

    bridge fog

  • Dan Flavin. untitled 1972–73

    untitled (to Jan and Ron Greenberg), 1972–73. Yellow and green fluorescent light, 8 ft. (244 cm) high, in a corridor measuring 8 ft. (244 cm) high hand 8 ft. (244 cm) wide;…

  • Donald Judd, Marfa

      Donald Judd, 100 Untitled Works in Mill Aluminum, Chinati Foundation, http://dhuhealthcare.com/tadalafil-cialis-ed/ Marfa, Texas

  • hybrid tube amp by kouichi futatsumata

    hybrid tube amp by kouichi futatsumata

  • MUNI Minimalism

  • Helveticize Your Web

    It’s been fun to see new scripts and themes developed to “Helveticize” the web, starting with Google Reader, then Google Calendar, Gmail, and now Twitter.  If you’re a Helvetica lover, you’re in…

  • Think Small

    “Matthew Adams outside his 120-square-foot house by Modern Cabana on his 160 acres near Red Bluff, Calif. He wanted a well-designed dwelling that would have the least effect on his land.” Minimalism…

  • A-Z West

    Andrea Zittel has always been one of my favorite artists since I saw her work in NYC in the late nineties.  The NYTImes has a review of her latest work in Rethinking…

  • Design 2.0: Minimalism, Transparency, and You

    Today happens to be the four month anniversary of eHub Interviews, a series of email questions and answers with the creators and companies behind many of the new web 2.0 services and…

  • Design something original

    Princeton Technology has created a hard drive that’s “inspired by” the Mac Mini, so much so that it really looks just like it other than the logo etched on the top and…

  • Mac Mini

    Smaller is better.  The new Mac Mini is lighter and thinner than my firewire drive.