Robot Sculptures

Robot Sculptures

Jul 29, 2007

Gordon Bennett makes robot sculptures out of old and new found objects.  “The parts are found in various places including garbage dumps, basements, construction sites, and garage sales. They are inspired by Norman Bel Gedes and Raymond Loewy whose visions of the “Modern Age” helped shape industrial design of the 40’s and 50’s.” I love […]

Andy Warhol Stamps

Feb 19, 2003

He was someone who would have appreciated having stamps of himself.  Scanned before I used the first one.


Feb 9, 2003

Nanofestival v.01 is a international, no-budget, on-line art festival for extreme short (!max. 10 sec.!) web movies and software art.  The event is organized by ZEROGLAB, an independent digital art-lab in Rotterdam. THE THEME OF THE FESTIVAL THIS TIME = AUTOMAT (the next theme = HOLE)