Origami Tea Packaging

Origami Tea Packaging

Sep 23, 2009

Directed by artist Natalia Ponomareva from Russia, here is an amazing project with packaging of tea bags produced under the principles of origami. The bird forms and unfolds gradually while the tea infuses. Elegant and subtle. Via PicoCool

Hack This (Please)

Mar 20, 2004

In Hack This (Please), Andy Kessler writes about the benefits of true hacks (“clever solutions to an interesting problem) and the “new breed of users out there, computer-literate consumers who don’t think twice about altering the look, feel and functionality of a product.” Mass customization is the next big thing. It sounds like an oxymoron, […]

Ambient Orb

Apr 29, 2003

For years I’ve been fascinated with those space age glowing green nightlights.  I’ve had two plugged into my wall for over five years now.  (They also only use 1/100th of the power needed for a standard 7-watt nightlight bulb and costing only 2 cents a year to operate.) You can imagine my delight when I […]