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  • Location Recommendations

    While I still use the app, I haven’t visited the Foursquare site recently. They’ve made some changes and one that works well is the logged-in view of the home page which shows…

  • Fresh Brew

    Current favorite: Sightglass

  • Lion Released

    In case you didn’t hear, Mac OSX Lion was released today publicly with over 250 new features. It’s also the first Mac OS to be sold through the Mac Store.

  • Ridiculous Data Plans

    Traveling through Canada en route to Alaska. When will data plans become reasonable?

  • Ads on Twitter

    The Dalai Lama is advertising on Twitter?

  • Wi-Fi still needed

  • Happy 4sqDay

  • 21st Century Netiquette

  • Real-time

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  • Current Status

  • 071610

    All day webdev workathon.

  • Winter Swells

  • Secret question

  • Too many pages

    Safari only allows eight windows open on iPhone :/

  • Living the Dream

  • Muxtape

  • Video Unavailable


  • Twitter

    The early days of Twitter.

  • Twitterific

  • 080105 Desktop

    Some things are just liberating for all the right reasons (like working on your own websites).

  • Debugging

    I’ve been looking for a particular set of errors that exists in this open source code for the last couple of hours.  In order to do so, I’ve gone through every config…