Jul 10, 2011

So far I’m enjoying Google+ as a new place online where the early adopter tech crowd is active. For me, it’s a bit like the early days of Twitter with more varied types of content since there’s no 140 character count constraint. Instead, there’s a mix of links, videos, personal updates, and overall, a high […]

ThinkUp: Social Media Insights Engine

ThinkUp: Social Media Insights Engine

Sep 27, 2010

Since Feb 2007, I’ve been playing with different methods of importing my social network activity and data into my own database and site. I first used a plugin to import data into my then Expression Engine blog. Later when I switched to WordPress, I used variations of the Lifestream plugin and then eventually the Twitter […]

News Flow

Jun 3, 2008

UPDATE 6/3: Akan from Plurk comments below that Plurk was NOT acquired by Pheltup. Tonight browsing Plurk, I saw heyitskenn’s plurk about the service being acquired by Pheltup I had first heard about Pheltup through a tweet by msippey, and then saw the launch party on Upcoming. I hadn’t heard of their acquisition of Plurk […]

My Data Stream

Feb 19, 2007

After a year and a half of using social applications heavily, I recently had to revisit the plan to aggregate all my activity into one data stream. As the calendar rolled to 2007, I kept wishing I could look at all my social activity from 2006 in context: time, date, type of activity, location, memory, […]