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    streetart soma

  • Spotted in SoMA

  • Patterns

  • 071310

    Super busy… counting down the days to the Asia trip. Met with SVDL and Mike to talk about their new startup. Still working on FV. Also talked to IndieClick about advertising on…

  • Street Art 022809

  • Street Art 022409

  • Bunnymatic

  • Crossing Folsom

  • Incognito

  • Artist General’s Warning

  • MLK Day

    Chalk drawing of Martin Luther King on the sidewalk in front of the African Diaspora Museum on Howard St. the day before the holiday.

  • St2

  • Qube Sign

    Wicked car-as-sign.

  • 2nd Street

    My new neighborhood.

  • Going West

    Max and I are flying out to SF next week for a five day mission to find a place to live – both wildly exciting and slightly stressful.  We’ve been looking at…