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  • Pretty Pantone Kubricks at Double Punch

  • Super7

  • Mochi

  • Clear Qee and Totoro

  • Enviromunny

    Spent the day painting these custom Kidrobot munny pieces.

  • Bearbricks at Chanel

    Another toy art-meets-couture spotting caught on camera.  These Karl Lagerfeld Bearbricks are on display here in SF at the Chanel store, Maiden Lane, Union Square.  Not sure the cross-branding will be effective…

  • Cactus Friends

    One of my favorite new character designs is cactus girl from tokidoki, a series of art, t-shirts and accessories by Italian artist Simone Legno.  I’m pleased to see he’s launching cool new…

  • I Love Giant Robot

    Our new t-shirts from Giant Robot SF (Max’s is 2K and mine’s Gamma-Go).