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  • Night lights

  • Subway, NYC

    Taken on on Lexington Ave.

  • I heart NYC

    Driving to New York tomorrow morning for Z’s interview.  Looking forward to seeing E and A and staying at the W New York on Lexington.  Planning to have dinner at a little…

  • Middlebury, VT

    Heading to Vermont again, this time to Middlebury.  Driving up to meet M in Woodstock and on to Burlington for an early check-in at the hotel.  Picking up V at the airport…

  • Alger Island, NY

    Kayak getaway in the Central Adirondacks near Inlet, NY. (Flash stream, 5 mb) We’ve always been obsessed with the High Peaks area of the Adirondacks and have hiked/climbed/bushwacked our way up 22…

  • Heading south

    Giving a design workshop on best practices with at Mizzou.  I wonder if there’s any tofu there?

  • Back to Vermont

    Haven’t been to Vermont since 1999 so I’m especially looking forward to driving through the rolling Green mountain landscape again.  Heading up to Woodstock to work with M and then to Hanover,…

  • Black forest weekend

    Heading to my parent’s in northern VA for a combined celebration family weekend (father’s day, mom’s birthday, eric’s belated).

  • Southern California in the Spring

    Stills taken with my digital video camera while flying.  The graininess adds a retro quality, making these photos look like they might be from my childhood in the 70s rather than the…

  • Venice Beach, CA

    Photo from E. Turns out we were at the same spot at different times.

  • Redlands, CA

    Video of SYR-ORD-ONT-ORD.

  • ORD airport passage 2

    Same airport walk-through a week later.

  • ORD airport passage 1

    Digital video still from this week’s travel (Redlands, CA – Chicago, IL – Columbus, OH).