Everybody’s doing it

Jul 24, 2003

A recent survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of AT&T predicts that four out of five companies will use remote workers by 2005, compared with only 56% today. The advent of more affordable (and workable) networking technology, combined with a corporate drive toward globalization is making telecommuting a practical option for many […]

Geek Chorus

Jul 4, 2003

Students with laptops and wireless connections are opening up “back-channel” discussions during classroom lectures, according to a New York Times article by Lisa Guernsey. While the lecturer is up there lecturing, clusters of students are back there working the instant-messaging circuit—commenting, questioning and even blogging the proceedings. “We’re just moving the corridor into the room […]

Future: Is there life after the browser?

Apr 19, 2003

One of the disadvantages of the browser is that there aren’t very good ways of organizing information,” Meyrowitz (president of Macromedia Products) said. “Bookmarks just don’t do the whole job. There’s no real sense of place for the information you want to come back to. Full story at cnet