Feb 9, 2003

Nanofestival v.01 is a international, no-budget, on-line art festival for extreme short (!max. 10 sec.!) web movies and software art.  The event is organized by ZEROGLAB, an independent digital art-lab in Rotterdam. THE THEME OF THE FESTIVAL THIS TIME = AUTOMAT (the next theme = HOLE)


Feb 3, 2003

Vicky Wong’s latest incarnation.  I admire her level of detail.  Also spend some time playing the games and exploring…there’s more than meets the eye and some very inventive uses of small gestures.

Why Good Content Must Suck

Feb 3, 2003

This would have been an interesting two hours… Why Good Content Must Suck: Designing for the Scent of Information Jared Spool from User Interface Engineering If you have thousands of pages of really cool stuff on your site, how do users find what they are looking for? Turns out that the content itself has to […]

HTML’s Time is Over. Let’s Move On.

Jan 31, 2003

Ultimately, I don’t see a long term future for HTML as an application development solution. It is a misapplied tool that was never meant to be used for anything other than distributed publishing.” “The reality is that we are trying to do too much with a language that was never meant for such heavy-duty applications. […]

In the end, it’s all about relationships

Jan 22, 2003

Don Tapscott, business consultant and author of “Digital Capital: Harnessing the Power of Business Webs,” says that it’s a mistake to discount the power of the Internet based on the bursting of the tech bubble:  “There is a real danger that people will decide to throw out the Internet baby with the dot-com bath water. […]