Pre-Pre-Supernova Party

Thursday night was Kevin Werbach’s Pre-Pre-Supernova party here in SF, just a couple blocks away at Cha-Am Thai. The dinner was a great chance to network and chat with leading tech innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.


My partner at Ideacodes, Max Kiesler, and I met and talked to many people, in particular, Esme Vos of MuniWireless, Mike Sigal, Co-founder and CEO of Guidewire Group, Barney Pell, CEO of Powerset, friend and client, Mary Hodder of Dabble, and Kevin Werbach, host of Supernova (also Assistant Professor at The Wharton School, former Editor of Release 1.0, and former Counsel for New Technology Policy at the Federal Communications Commission). Before moving to SF, I had already followed Kevin’s various activities online so it was particularly fun to meet him that night, and have a chance to talk over breakfast the next day.

I put together the first Supernova conference three years ago because, to paraphrase Bob Dylan, we all knew something was happening here, but we didn’t know what it was. My conviction was that underneath all the changes – business becoming increasingly distributed, users becoming more knowledgeable, old industry models collapsing, and everything and everybody becoming networked – is one fundamental phenomenon: decentralization.

At Supernova, we bring together business, government, and technology thought leaders to understand how decentralization and pervasive connectivity are changing our world. – Kevin Werbach, Host of Supernova

Supernova 2006 is a three day conference that will take place June 21-23 at the Palace Hotel here in San Francisco.

Readers of eHub and my blog will be interested to know about the Connected Innovators program at Supernova 2006. Leading blogger and friend Mike Arrington of TechCrunch, will be reviewing and selecting 10 companies to present 5 minute product demos. Deadline for submission forms is April 28, 2006. I’ll be posting more about Supernova 2006 in the next few months.