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  • Pool-side

  • I heart NYC

    Driving to New York tomorrow morning for Z’s interview.  Looking forward to seeing E and A and staying at the W New York on Lexington.  Planning to have dinner at a little…

  • Summer leaves, accented

  • Middlebury, VT

    Heading to Vermont again, this time to Middlebury.  Driving up to meet M in Woodstock and on to Burlington for an early check-in at the hotel.  Picking up V at the airport…

  • Lime Bedroom

    Bedroom makeover.

  • Alger Island, NY

    Kayak getaway in the Central Adirondacks near Inlet, NY. (Flash stream, 5 mb) We’ve always been obsessed with the High Peaks area of the Adirondacks and have hiked/climbed/bushwacked our way up 22…

  • Heading south

    Giving a design workshop on best practices with at Mizzou.  I wonder if there’s any tofu there?

  • Summer solstice

  • Back to Vermont

    Haven’t been to Vermont since 1999 so I’m especially looking forward to driving through the rolling Green mountain landscape again.  Heading up to Woodstock to work with M and then to Hanover,…

  • Black forest weekend

    Heading to my parent’s in northern VA for a combined celebration family weekend (father’s day, mom’s birthday, eric’s belated).

  • Purple daze

    Spent the weekend redesigning the apartment.  I’ve never been that fond of purple, but this time the fabric seemed to work really well with the blues of the leather couch.  The…

  • Ithaca blue

  • Southern California in the Spring

    Stills taken with my digital video camera while flying.  The graininess adds a retro quality, making these photos look like they might be from my childhood in the 70s rather than the…

  • Collage

    My desktop with stills from composited against iChat and a desktop picture of Bjork in a space bubble.  One of those wonderful web surfing days, full of pixels and unexpected translucent…

  • Venice Beach, CA

    Photo from E. Turns out we were at the same spot at different times.

  • Redlands, CA

    Video of SYR-ORD-ONT-ORD.

  • ORD airport passage 2

    Same airport walk-through a week later.

  • ORD airport passage 1

    Digital video still from this week’s travel (Redlands, CA – Chicago, IL – Columbus, OH).

  • Faux Fur

    Bebe vest from trip to SF.

  • White space

  • Andy Warhol Stamps

    He was someone who would have appreciated having stamps of himself.  Scanned before I used the first one.

  • It’s Our World

    Don’t let this war happen.

  • Debugging

    I’ve been looking for a particular set of errors that exists in this open source code for the last couple of hours.  In order to do so, I’ve gone through every config…

  • Naqoyqatsi, playing at Cornell Cinema

    I’ve been waiting to see this, having missed the NYC premiere. Naqoyqatsi, Hopi for “war as a way of life”, concludes Godfrey Reggio’s meditative trilogy on the plight of nature in a…

  • Gong Xi Fa Cai

    Happy Chinese new year!  Here’s to the year of the ram.  Note:  if you heard reports that the year of the ram is bad luck on the mainstream American news, don’t believe…

  • Isola Comacina

  • New Future

  • red room, blue world

    A view of my desk from sometime in the late 90’s when I was in grad school.  You can see a model of a piece that I was working on – the…

  • Self in winter


  • Good Things

    Dolce & Gabbana’s light blue perfume, never mined (art book from the netherlands) and Hillman Curtis’ latest book, MTIV.