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  • Winter sky in Ithaca

  • ADD is a weblog finalist in SXSW!

    Honored to find out that ADD has been chosen as a finalist in the weblog category for SXSW 2004! Can’t wait to go to the event in March.

  • Venice beach

    Finally, the sand of Venice Beach under my feet!  When I left Ithaca, NY two days ago, there was snow on the ground and a storm on the way.  Meanwhile, in Southern…

  • Marina Del Ray

    View out of my hotel room in Marina Del Ray, CA.

  • LA

    Traveling to LA for a new client meeting at LMU.  Looking forward to warmer weather and seeing the Pacific again.  Hopefully, I’ll have time to head to Venice beach and Santa Monica…

  • View of the Rockies

    On the flight to LA today at 11:14 EST.

  • Foyer, Le Royal Meridian, Montreal

    Beautiful although extremely cold (-20) in Montreal.

  • Montreal

    Montreal’s metro underground.  Above ground, the temperature was far below freezing with a wicked wind chill.  Nonetheless, I can see the charm of the city and enjoyed its distinct French heritage (particularly…

  • New Year

    Max and I are off to celebrate the new year with a dual part adventure.  First, we’re heading up to the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks for camping, snowshoeing, and hiking…

  • Holidays

    Nothing can compare to spending a week during Christmas with my family and Max playing mahjong, talking, lounging about, and eating real gourmet food (mom’s).

  • Snow pool

  • Metro stop at DCA

    Metro platform at DCA airport.

  • Oswego

    Heading up to Syracuse tonight, then driving with JH to conduct a usability test with students in Red Creek, NY.  Interested to see their reactions to the interfaces.

  • Lost in

    Didn’t want to return to the real world after seeing Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation.  Pursuing the dreamy movie mood, we walked out of the theater into a crisp winter night.  Snow…

  • Emily in Hong Kong

    Spotted in Hong Kong by my brother.

  • The Station Agent

    Had to see The Station Agent after reading the plot.  Tender story, memorable characters, amazingly subtle film.  Patricia Clarkson was great and I hope to see Peter Dinklage in more films, too.

  • Figure Sticker

  • Lunar eclipse

    Last night’s total lunar eclipse… the last of the year. Photo by Z.

  • Time for a change

    It’s starting to get dark at 5 pm but that doesn’t mean things have slowed down.  A new artcodes design is underway and will launch soon.  Multiple web and digital projects are…

  • Digital Ritual

    In a new effort to refocus on some personal work (vs. professional work, which I love, but it’s been an eight month, seventy hour a week obsession), I’ve decided to mark the…

  • Gum

  • Where have I been?

    Working online every waking hour.  Literally, from when I wake to when I go to bed.  I’m not gone, just busy.  Before I was busy, I was traveling.  But I’ll be back……

  • Woodstock Middle Bridge

    Digital video still of the beautiful covered bridge in Woodstock, VT.

  • Cayuga at dusk

    A view of Lake Cayuga from Stewart Park, Ithaca, NY.

  • 80 hours in New England

    Flying to Hartford, CT and driving to Riverdale, NY for a client meeting at Mount Saint Vincent College.  Then it’s onto Torrington, CT for an overnight stay at the Yankee Pedlar Inn…

  • Oswego

    Driving two hours northeast to the edge of Lake Ontario to do a presentation at SUNY Oswego with MS.

  • Soho, NYC

  • Night lights

  • Blackout Blog

    Power is back up in Ithaca, NY.  Check this link for blackout coverage on the web.  Yesterday, our power cut out at 4:11 pm like many on the east coast.  I was…

  • Subway, NYC

    Taken on on Lexington Ave.