My First Citizen/Social Media Inauguration

My First Citizen/Social Media Inauguration

Jan 21, 2009

Yesterday’s inauguration of President Barack Obama was significant in so many ways. For web geeks like me, it’s the first time citizen media played such a significant role during an inauguration. Given Obama’s grassroots campaign and his message of citizen responsibility, this is only apropos. Numerous netizens, web sites, blogs, video sites and social networks […]

Two Web 2.0 Apps Challenge the Status Quo

Jan 6, 2005

Two new web apps caught my eye this evening as I scanned my email: Nuvvo and Newsvine. The two sites are very different in their concept and functionality, but both share the same purpose – to enable individuals (content creators, writers, news buffs, teachers, amateurs, experts, you) to reach a larger niche audience, and to […]

Phoning in photos for posterity

Aug 20, 2003

Last week’s blackout gave moblogging its first real chance to provide grassroots coverage of a major news event says this piece. The result: Lots of digital photos appearing on weblogs taken in the blackout zone by people using digital phone/cameras. Travis Larson, spokesman for the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association: “This may be the first […]

Your pictures of the anti-war demonstrations

Feb 17, 2003

The BBC is asking you to submit your protest pictures from around the world.  They already have hundreds of photos that you can view… BBC link


Feb 15, 2003

Hundreds of thousands staged antiwar rallies around the world Saturday.  This photo is from Reuters: “About 150 medical practitioners gathered outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta to protest.” Continue to protest the war at