eHub Interviews channel at CNET Japan

eHub Interviews channel at CNET Japan

Jun 16, 2006

Last month I had the pleasure of hearing from Kaori Omoto, an editor at CNET Networks Japan. Today, eHub Interviews went live as a channel at the Japanese version of CNET Japan will be translating eHub Interviews as they are released at featuring them at The first interview to go live is eHub […]

Interviews with German Web 2.0 Services

May 31, 2006

Over on his blog,, Klaas Bollhoefer has an interview series that will interest eHub readers and Web 2.0 users, especially those that speak German. “Inspired by your interviews, which I love and read regularly, I started a german interview series on my blog with the people behind german Web 2.0 services” writes Klaas. Since […]

New eHub Interviews in Japanese

Nov 5, 2005

I’m pleased to announce a new set of eHub Interviews (Netvibes, Codase, goowy, ColorBlender, has been translated into Japanese by the exceptional Ryutaro Kamitsu. Please visit the links below for the Japanese versions, and as always, stay tuned for more! eHub Interviews Netvibes eHub Interviews Codase eHub Interviews goowy eHub Interviews […]

eHub Interviews Launches

Oct 5, 2005

eHub Interviews launches featuring four interviews with creators of web 2.0 applications, including Writely, Protopage, CommunityWalk, CentralDesktop. New interviews will be launching daily at eHub Interviews. Stay tuned for interviews with Netvibes,, Kiko, Findory, Blinklist, Meta, Openomy, Prodigem, Fundable, Mappr, SiteVista, NetworthIQ, SWiK, eyeOS, Listal, LibraryThing, CommonTimes, Slawesome, CampaignMonitor, Filenice, voo2doo, Feedmarker, Delineate, MapStats, […]