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  • X Variation 1

  • Citrus Pixelate Products Now Available

    I had forgotten to mention that you can now purchase my Citrus Pixelate design on multiple products, including stretch canvas, laptop skins and adhesives, iPhone slim hard case and adhesive and iPod…

  • Red Pixelate: iPhone Adhesive Design

    Red Pixelate is the second design in my pixelate series. This time, it’s specifically designed to scale for an iPhone.  I’m still working on the design scaled for a laptop. Just got…

  • Citrus Pixelate: Vote for My Design at Infectious

    Citrus Pixelate, my laptop adhesive design for Infectious I first heard about Infectious when I went to an event at IDEO in 2008 when my company, Ideacodes, had just started working with…

  • Drawing By Finger

    First drawing on iPad.

  • Night Poem

    A night poem for my mom.

  • ePunk

  • Around the world

    My travels so far… World travel by country (18 countries, 8% of the world) By U.S. state (26 states, 50%) By Canadian province (3 provinces, 23%) By European country (2 countries, 3%)…

  • humanblog

    #hello world# Bought www.humanblog.com today for a new project, a community moblog of portraits (of oneself and others).  Coming soon!

  • Generic hotel

    Philadelphia airport hotel.

  • Cadence

    It doesn’t take long to feel the city’s rhythm.  Shot in Toronto.

  • Zoom Toronto

    Always speeding around Toronto hearing electronica in the car, the clothing stores, restaurants and cafes; the beat thumping beneath it all.

  • Subliminal day

    A poem for TO.

  • ADD is a weblog finalist in SXSW!

    Honored to find out that ADD has been chosen as a finalist in the weblog category for SXSW 2004! Can’t wait to go to the event in March.

  • Welcome to V4

    Restructured the information architecture of the site, moved studio projects into a gallery and added work from 1996 – 2003, an ongoing process as you can imagine.  Enjoy exploring.

  • Sublime

    Web promo and inspiration piece for an outdoor content website. (Flash stream, 5 mb)

  • Bliss

    Second web promo and inspiration piece for an outdoor streaming video and content website.  (Flash stream 5 mb)

  • Figure Sticker

  • Time for a change

    It’s starting to get dark at 5 pm but that doesn’t mean things have slowed down.  A new artcodes design is underway and will launch soon.  Multiple web and digital projects are…

  • Accelerate

    Video/audio representation of my brain the last few months. (Quicktime, 1.4 MB)

  • Gum

  • Lime Bedroom

    Bedroom makeover.

  • Purple daze

    Spent the weekend redesigning the apartment.  I’ve never been that fond of purple, but this time the fabric seemed to work really well with the blues of https://thisiskettering.com/accutane-pills/ the leather couch.  The…

  • Resin art

    Made cast resin pieces (giant coasters) a few weekends ago.  One has pink marbles, the other is tinted green with submerged gluesticks.

  • spring sequence

    A faux spring collection.

  • Impressions

    Glances of things.

  • Collage

    My desktop with stills from www.colette.fr composited against iChat and a desktop picture of Bjork in a space bubble.  One of those wonderful web surfing days, full of pixels and unexpected translucent…

  • On my mind

    Collage of “Ball chair” by Finn Stone and a pool by the sea.

  • White space

  • Accepted to Rhizome ArtBase

    Great news!  My video, ethereal city, was accepted into the Rhizome ArtBase. “The Rhizome ArtBase includes works of new media art – including net art, software art, computer games, and documentation of…