SF 02

Jan 28, 2003

A new project called etc. – bits of remembrances from trips, people, places, and other such extraneous stuff. This first set includes paper bits from a San Francisco trip from 2002.

Isola Comacina

Jan 26, 2003

Planet X

Jan 21, 2003

Find the multiple paths through our alter-ego world.

New Future

Jan 19, 2003

red room, blue world

Jan 14, 2003

A view of my desk from sometime in the late 90’s when I was in grad school.  You can see a model of a piece that I was working on – the blue light environment housed in the silver tv casing – one of the moments when I realized how digital the real world can […]

New e-cards

Jan 13, 2003

Added the e-cards section with an initial selection of images. Go have a look and send a card while you’re there. If you’re a designer or artist and want to contribute some of your own images, email me.

New site sections

Jan 12, 2003

Site update: I’ve been busy developing new site features and redoing the organisation and architecture of several sections. “artcodes collective” will be launched shortly. Stay tuned for calls for submissions to the first two curated projects – digital detritus and on location. Soon you’ll be able to send artcodes e-cards to friends. I’ll be inviting […]

Good Things

Jan 11, 2003

Dolce & Gabbana’s light blue perfume, never mined (art book from the netherlands) and Hillman Curtis’ latest book, MTIV.

After the snow storm

Jan 5, 2003

Photos taken after a major snowstorm in Ithaca, NY that lasted all weekend and piled several feet of snow.  Everything is hushed by the thickness of snow.

Green Eye

Dec 31, 2002

New Year 03

Dec 31, 2002

Ethereal City

Dec 5, 2002

ethereal city (e the real city) is an abstract digital short that explores the rhythm, memory and mercurial nature of traveling through electronic space. It seeks to evoke the emotional acceleration and atmospheric fragmentation of real and virtual passages. This piece was created specifically for digifest 2003, a Canadian festival with annual themes surrounding the […]


Dec 4, 2002

Flux Series: Corrode

Feb 9, 1999

Simulated time lapse of a gel environment.  The actual metal parts suspended within the gel took over six months to form calcite and eventually sink to the bottom of the container. A close-up photo of the corrosion of this piece later became one of the large 5’x4’ duratrans acrylic light box pieces in consume|produce. This […]

Vermont 1996

Vermont 1996

Aug 17, 1996

A few photos of my work and days during this summer’s art fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center. Amazing time.