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  • XML and Flash Map of My Travels

    I found Bryan Boyer’s IndyJunior several years ago when it was still v1.3 and played with it back then.  For some reason, it popped into my head again the other day so…

  • 99 Windows

    Launched a new site today, 99 Windows, an art project about windows and the idea of looking in, looking through, and reflecting — seeing both the imaginary and the real, the periphery…

  • Hawthorne Street in Red

  • Night Poem

    A night poem for my mom.

  • ePunk

  • Cadence

    It doesn’t take long to feel the city’s rhythm.  Shot in Toronto.

  • Zoom Toronto

    Always speeding around Toronto hearing electronica in the car, the clothing stores, restaurants and cafes; the beat thumping beneath it all.

  • Subliminal day

    A poem for TO.

  • Sublime

    Web promo and inspiration piece for an outdoor content website. (Flash stream, 5 mb)

  • Bliss

    Second web promo and inspiration piece for an outdoor streaming video and content website.  (Flash stream 5 mb)

  • Accelerate

    Video/audio representation of my brain the last few months. (Quicktime, 1.4 MB)

  • spring sequence

    A faux spring collection.

  • Impressions

    Glances of things.

  • Planet X

    Find the multiple paths through our alter-ego world.