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  • Elevator door

  • MUNI Minimalism

  • Macro Macaroons

  • Flower Tea

  • Unipo at SFMoMA

    Posing in front of the freight elevator just as it opened. Contemplating Matthew Barney’s Drawing Restraint 14. Gazing at Richard Avedon’s portraits.

  • The Moment Before the Music

    My parents flew in from the east coast and we went to see Michael Tilson Thomas conduct Mahler’s Symphony No. 5 at Davies Symphony Hall as part of the Mahler 2009 Festival.…

  • Tiltshift SoMA

    View left towards the bay from the 11th floor view at Ideacodes. Tiltshifted with TiltShift Generator for iPhone.

  • Orange in the City

  • Working 073108

  • “Breakthrough” – A Photo Exhibit

    The San Francisco Art Commission (SFAC) and JPG Magazine have teamed up for a show called “Breakthrough: An Amateur Photography Revolution.” Every photo submitted to our Breakthrough theme will be displayed in…

  • Dreamlands

    “Aurora borealis casting it’s glow over Seltún geothermal area in SW-Iceland.” By Helga Kvam, All Rights Reserved. Visit Helga’s flickr page to see more of her stunning photography from Iceland.

  • Bubble Portraits

    Julianne Swartz’s Bubble portraits are playful and refreshing, where the ordinary becomes ethereal.  Given my own work with translucent water bubbles, I appreciated her perspective. ps – happy bday eric!

  • Camera Phone Photos

    Found these camera phone pictures on my T610 taken sometime last February.

  • Coolpix sky

    Here’s the first 7.1 megapixel photo I’ve ever taken.  The first of many photos to come with my new Nikon Coolpix 7900 camera.  Max and I have been using a Coolpix 4500…

  • Texture Wall

    Two photos of different parts of the same wall.  Love the subtle details. Shot on Harrison St, SF.

  • Qube Sign

    Wicked car-as-sign.

  • Wall on Harrison St.

  • Barcode Building

    I’ve always like the simplicity and functionality of bar codes.  In art school, I made a series of oversized bar code prints as rough posters and had a collection of various bar…

  • Lunch in North Beach

    North Beach is fine coffee, fresh italian cuisine, sidewalk cafes, and dreamy summer afternoons.  For me, it’s also the rare personal pleasure of spending time in the same neighborhood where Jack Kerouac…

  • Palm Tree

    Walking up to Telegraph Hill and saw this dreamy view of the bay.  Sounds silly but I’m still struck by the palm trees, the blue sky and water, the breeze, and how…

  • Mac Mini

    Smaller is better.  The new Mac Mini is lighter and thinner than my firewire drive.

  • Light Blur

  • Side Streets

  • Dusk Blue

  • Midnight Stop

    Cop pulling over a car eleven stories down.

  • Looking South

    The Transamerica building looking south from Telegraph Hill.

  • Mt. Sutro at Sunset

    View from our loft Today I turned 33.  Spent the day feeling extremely grateful for everything I have in my life.  There are still things I’m burning to do and specific challenges…

  • 010105e

  • ePod

  • White Boots, Red Bag

    Looking down at Market and 2nd St.