092804 Self

092804 Self

Sep 28, 2004

Blue Sky Tower

Jun 8, 2004

Red Gel

Jun 1, 2004


May 10, 2004

Clouds over Virginia

Mar 19, 2004

On a flight from Roanoke, Virginia.  As the plane broke through the clouds, we finally saw the sun.

Generic hotel

Generic hotel

Mar 4, 2004

Philadelphia airport hotel.

Le Citipark, Toronto

Feb 26, 2004

The side entrance to Le Royal Meridian King Edward rising behind a citipark sign.

Winter sky in Ithaca

Jan 29, 2004

Marina Del Ray

Jan 9, 2004

View out of my hotel room in Marina Del Ray, CA.

Foyer, Le Royal Meridian, Montreal

Jan 5, 2004

Beautiful although extremely cold (-20) in Montreal.

Snow pool

Dec 22, 2003

Metro stop at DCA

Dec 20, 2003

Metro platform at DCA airport.

Figure Sticker

Nov 14, 2003

Lunar eclipse

Nov 9, 2003

Last night’s total lunar eclipse… the last of the year. Photo by Z.


Oct 17, 2003

Woodstock Middle Bridge

Sep 21, 2003

Digital video still of the beautiful covered bridge in Woodstock, VT.

Subway, NYC

Aug 15, 2003

Taken on on Lexington Ave.


Aug 9, 2003

Summer solstice

Jun 21, 2003
Southern California in the Spring

Southern California in the Spring

Apr 27, 2003

Stills taken with my digital video camera while flying.  The graininess adds a retro quality, making these photos look like they might be from my childhood in the 70s rather than the present, 2003.

Venice Beach, CA

Apr 4, 2003

Photo from E. Turns out we were at the same spot at different times.

ORD airport passage 1

Mar 8, 2003

Digital video still from this week’s travel (Redlands, CA – Chicago, IL – Columbus, OH).

Faux Fur

Feb 26, 2003

Bebe vest from trip to SF.

Good Things

Jan 11, 2003

Dolce & Gabbana’s light blue perfume, never mined (art book from the netherlands) and Hillman Curtis’ latest book, MTIV.

Snow branch

Jan 9, 2003

One way

Jan 7, 2003

At this time in 1972, I was ten hours away from being born.

Thirty one

Jan 7, 2003

After the snow storm

Jan 5, 2003

Photos taken after a major snowstorm in Ithaca, NY that lasted all weekend and piled several feet of snow.  Everything is hushed by the thickness of snow.

Snowy artcodes

Jan 4, 2003

My plate surrounded by snow!