Oct 12, 2005

Oh yes, please. I’ll take a RoboSapien v2 (around $229 USD)! RoboSapien is a toy-like biomorphic robot designed by Mark Tilden and produced by Wow Wee toys. The RoboSapien is preprogrammed with moves, and also can be controlled infrared by the included remote control, by a personal computer with the help of an infrared transmitter, […]

Smart Cars

Jan 29, 2005

The MIT Smart Cities research team’s car. Image: Franco Vairani/MIT Department of Architecture Two recent articles reveal the possible future of cars – powered with intelligent algorithms, semi-autonomous, and made for urban and natural terrain. From Say Hello to Stanley in Wired: “Stanford’s souped-up Volkswagen blasted through the Mojave Desert, blew away the competition, and […]

Asimo Robot Running

Asimo Robot Running

Dec 17, 2004

Cool video of Honda’s Asimo robot running. People-Friendly Robot: “The robot’s size was chosen to allow it to operate freely in the human living space and to make it people-friendly. This size allows the robot to operate light switches and door knobs, and work at tables and work benches. Its eyes are located at the […]

Kid robots jogging

Dec 19, 2003

Newscasters seemed to be mocking Sony’s child-shaped walking robot that can now jog.  Personally, I think it’s amazing that the robot can now actually jump and lift itself off the ground. Sony shows off jogging robot A small step for a Sony robot could turn out to be a giant leap for robotkind.  Sony has […]