Magic Mouse Arrives

Magic Mouse Arrives

Nov 3, 2009
Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse

Oct 20, 2009

Apple announces a new product line, including the anticipated new Magic Mouse. It’s available for pre-order now at $69. I can’t wait to trying it when it arrives in 5-7 days. The Multi-Touch area covers the top surface of Magic Mouse, and the mouse itself is the button. Scroll in any direction with one finger, […]

10/GUI Concept

Oct 13, 2009

[vimeo][/vimeo] 10/GUI is an interesting take on a possible multi-touch system by R. Clayton Miller.  The concept re-imagines the desktop UI by proposing a multi-touch system that doesn’t rely on the screen, but adapts a multi-touch replacement for a keyboard. I like the idea, except I’m not convinced the proposed linear model of “stitching” windows […]

Honda U3-X Personal Mobility Concept

Oct 1, 2009

[youtube][/youtube] Honda is literally reinventing the wheel with its new concept, the U3-X Personal Mobility Concept, an experimental personal mobility device that provides 360 degree movement. The concept relies on technologies derived while working on the ASIMO humanoid robot, which I’ve mentioned before. When walking, we perform forward, backward, side-to-side, and diagonal movements, the latter […]



Feb 13, 2007

Kyoto-based electronic component creator, Rohm, announced today that the world’s smallest LED, the PicoLED will go into mass production in April. [Via FujiSankei Business if you can read Japanese] I am now rather keen on the word “pico” meaning 1. one trillionth, part of 2. very small.  I wonder if it’s smaller than “micro” which […]

Clever Car

Clever Car

Apr 28, 2006

Researchers in England have been working on a prototype for a “clever” (Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport) car.  The car has three wheels and tilts for easy manueverability. The prototype is purely a research project and is unlikely to come to market in its present form. But the researchers hope that car companies […]

Pleo: designer life form

Pleo: designer life form

Apr 7, 2006

Pleo is a “designer life form” created by Caleb Chung, the creator of the Furby.  The Pleo looks like a miniature dinosaur toy, but it’s much more – stuffed with 38 sensors to detect light, motion, touch and sound, it can respond with fluid movmenets and its skin is smooth and stretchy.  I’ll be looking […]

The Future Hasn’t Arrived Yet

Oct 29, 2005

I came across an old blog post of mine that caused a double-take. The post, titled “One-Screen Access to Your Life” isn’t about Netvibes or another Web 2.0 application, but cites a story at the New York Times from November 2002. Yale computer scientist David Gelernter is glad that the Microsoft trial is behind us, […]

Kevin Kelly: Out of Control

Oct 7, 2005

Though it was written more than ten years ago, this caught my attention and seemed particularly relevant again.  From Kevin Kelly’s Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, and the Economic World. As we make our machines and institutions more complex, we have to make them more biological in order to manage […]

Google Wants to Provide Free Wi-Fi for San Francisco

Oct 1, 2005

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom made it a goal to provide a free or inexpensive citywide network last year and bids were submitted by competing firms this Friday, mostly by ISP companies.  The big news is Google’s bid to install a free Wi-Fi network. As part of its 100-page bid, Google said it could install […]

iPod nano

Sep 12, 2005

For a real-world and hilarious account of Apple’s big pitch for the nano and the iTunes phone at the Moscone here in SF last week, read Nicole Lee‘s post at Metroblogging SF, Report from Apple Media Event, Moscone West.

Design something original

Design something original

Aug 25, 2005

Princeton Technology has created a hard drive that’s “inspired by” the Mac Mini, so much so that it really looks just like it other than the logo etched on the top and side.. not the kind of font that Steve Jobs would approve.  Frankly, I like the silver-white-milky aesthetic of the Mini’s design and Apple’s […]

Wikipedia for all

Aug 23, 2005

One of my all-time favorite websites is the wikipedia – partly because I’ve used it for many years to look up terms, concepts, historical facts; also because I like to link to its pages for terms where I want to provide context; but mostly because of its altruistic and utopian perspective. Imagine a world in […]

Pingoat rocks

Aug 21, 2005

I’ve been looking at ways to increase blog traffic and I’ll be posting more about the services and various techniques I’m using, but for now, you’ve got to try pingoat, a great new service that Max found and talks about in his post, The Ultimate Blog Ping Service. On my other site,, after adding […]

Web Mapping Technology

Aug 19, 2005

I was searching to see if anyone had released some Ajax-driven maps and came across “Build AJAX-Based Web Maps Using ka-Map” by Tyler Mitchell which led me to an open source map tool called ka-Map.  I’ve downloaded it and plan to try it out this weekend. Also, if you have seen these already, some other […]

Open source

Aug 16, 2005

MIT Technology Review has a story, The Tech Boom 2.0, that covers a point of view that I couldn’t agree with more.  I often use open-source software to develop high-end, robust, and full-featured websites and web systems for clients and our own projects.  Open-source software isn’t just for geeks anymore, but a viable basis for […]

Mash-up the Web

Jul 27, 2005

While the term mash-up has its roots in hip hop culture, the web mash-up seems a natural evolution of our need to customize and our love of hacks.  (See an earlier post on creating “clever solutions to an interesting problem.”) In Sampling the Web’s Best Mash-Ups, Business Week provides “a guided tour of the some […]

Mac Mini

Mac Mini

May 21, 2005

Smaller is better.  The new Mac Mini is lighter and thinner than my firewire drive.

Well-behaved women seldom make history

Mar 30, 2005

Received email from misbehaving yesterday and I’m proud to be listed among many of the most influential women in technology today. is a weblog about women and technology. It’s a celebration of women’s contributions to computing; a place to spotlight women’s contributions as well point out new opportunities and challenges for women in the […]

Happy 10 Years

Happy 10 Years

Mar 4, 2005

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 10 years for the commercial web!  All you kids out there (that’s all of you 13 year olds that are signing up for livejournal at lightening speed) that think the internet has always been around, get this – when you were three, the commercial web was only just […]

Ajax the Web

Feb 22, 2005

In his essay, Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications, Jesse James Garrett articulates a new use of several existing technologies – XHTML, CSS, DOM, XML, and Javascript, which, when used together as an “Ajax engine” could change the nature of web applications.  By moving to asynchronous patterns of delivery, the whole paradigm of a […]

It’s an electrolumniscent world after all

Jan 25, 2004

I’m a nut for anything illuminated (eg. my sculptures circa 1999) so this is definitely something I can relate to… “Illuminated Handbags. Ladies, suppose that your handbag featured a “cool, gentle light” inside, so you could see where everything was—wouldn’t that be great? Of course it would, and the good news, reports Thaddeus Herrick in […]

Kid robots jogging

Dec 19, 2003

Newscasters seemed to be mocking Sony’s child-shaped walking robot that can now jog.  Personally, I think it’s amazing that the robot can now actually jump and lift itself off the ground. Sony shows off jogging robot A small step for a Sony robot could turn out to be a giant leap for robotkind.  Sony has […]