The Fifth Flavor

Nov 4, 2019

While the standard flavors of salty, sweet, sour, and bitter are obvious to us and easy to experience, the fifth flavor— umami—is ineffable. It’s the salience of parmesan cheese, anchovies, dried tomatoes, fish sauce, and dashi. Though it can be oversaturated and overused, umami is an essential taste modifier that makes the sum of its […]

Our Sixth Sense: Wearable Fluid Interfaces

Feb 7, 2009

This week at the TED conference, Pattie Maes from MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces group showcased the latest work of her students, “a wearable computing system that turns any surface into an interactive display screen. The wearer can summon virtual gadgets and internet data at will, then dispel them like smoke when they’re done.” Pattie […]

New Interface Paradigms

New Interface Paradigms

Feb 26, 2008

It still strikes me as fascinating that the iPhone and the OLPC (or XO) laptop were both released in the last year, and yet they’re such radically different “computing” and communication devices and concepts. I’ve spent some time playing simultaneously with the iPhone, the XO or OLPC laptop, and my regular computer combo – an […]

Book Checkout

Book Checkout

Feb 16, 2007

Old school book checkout at Adaptive Path.

Social Visualization, Looking Inside Out

Feb 9, 2007

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about different aspects of data visualization (see an earlier post). Patterns in the Ecosystem Since my first job on the web as a graduate assistant information designer, I’ve been interested in web metrics, thanks in large part to my friend and mentor, Rebecca Bernstein, the founder […]

Why I Use Social Software

Aug 31, 2006

Recent posts have been expressing why people don’t like using social software, or believe it’s just a passing fad. Since I disagree, I’ve made a short list of why I do use social software, and why I think the social aspects of our digital interactions will only increase not decrease. Nick Carr writes that “The […]

Design 2.0: Minimalism, Transparency, and You

Feb 6, 2006

Today happens to be the four month anniversary of eHub Interviews, a series of email questions and answers with the creators and companies behind many of the new web 2.0 services and applications that we’ve been witnessing and using online. According to many of you who write in, the interviews are “one of your favorite […]

Ajax the Web

Feb 22, 2005

In his essay, Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications, Jesse James Garrett articulates a new use of several existing technologies – XHTML, CSS, DOM, XML, and Javascript, which, when used together as an “Ajax engine” could change the nature of web applications.  By moving to asynchronous patterns of delivery, the whole paradigm of a […]

Revamped Macromedia site irks customers

Mar 11, 2003

A redesign of software maker Macromedia’s main Web site is attracting criticism from customers because it doesn’t work with some browsers, including Apple Computer’s much-hyped Safari. Full story at CNET

Why Good Content Must Suck

Feb 3, 2003

This would have been an interesting two hours… Why Good Content Must Suck: Designing for the Scent of Information Jared Spool from User Interface Engineering If you have thousands of pages of really cool stuff on your site, how do users find what they are looking for? Turns out that the content itself has to […]