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  • Dusk Blue

  • Drama Clouds

  • Midnight Stop

    Cop pulling over a car eleven stories down.

  • Window washers

  • Full moon

  • Blue

  • Today

  • Jeremy Blake at SFMoMA

    I’ve liked the ideas of Jeremy Blake’s work for some time and his exploration of “time-based paintings” and digital video DVD layered animations, having felt something similar in my own experiments and…

  • Dawn

  • Sunset

  • Looking South

    The Transamerica building looking south from Telegraph Hill.

  • Studio

  • Late night working

  • Flight

  • Night

    Creativity and French martinis.

  • Loft

  • At MIT

  • Desk shot

  • Mt. Sutro at Sunset

    View from our loft Today I turned 33.  Spent the day feeling extremely grateful for everything I have in my life.  There are still things I’m burning to do and specific challenges…

  • Gifts

  • 010105e

  • Holidays

    Dan Flavin, East Wing, Washington DC (photo by eric).  More about the show.

  • city light blue water

  • ePod

  • Cranes at Sunset

    Looking west towards the Metreon, the Moscone Center (the brightly-lit glass building), and the Civic Center dome in the distance.  Notice how the various metal cranes, though separated by many blocks, all…

  • New Point of View

    Switched from East Coast small-town greenery to West Coast city views. I’m loving it.

  • White Boots, Red Bag

    Looking down at Market and 2nd St.

  • 19th Amendment

    Couldn’t wait to get my vote in, so I voted early today at city hall.  Hope you have or will tomorrow!

  • The View

  • Market Street Blurred

    Moblog pic from cab.