GigaOM Design Changes

Feb 23, 2007

Ideacodes and GigaOM, the leading tech blog network founded by our client and friend, Om Malik, have launched a redesign based on feedback solicited in December 2006.  As Om writes, “We made notes, and have been diligently trying to put that into practice.” See Om’s post for details, and stay tuned for continued refinements and […]

At Adaptive Path

At Adaptive Path

Feb 16, 2007
Planning the next feature
Visiting GigaOM

Visiting GigaOM

Jan 23, 2007

Deep in thought.

Ideacodes and EveryTrail

Dec 4, 2006

Ideacodes has been working with Joost Schreve, CEO of EveryTrail, on the UI design for the first version release.  EveryTrail is a free online platform that enables active travelers and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds to visualize and share trips using GPS data, digital photos and location-based notes overlaid on interactive maps. 

Ideacodes Designs Themes for Vox

Oct 28, 2006

Vox, Six Apart’s new blog service, launched today.  Vox puts the emphasis on personal blogging and sharing with friends and family.  It features advanced privacy controls, a stunning variety of unique themes, powerful integration with other services like Flickr, YouTube, and more. “Blogging is fun again…” Ideacodes is pleased to have designed the Bunnylicious and […]

Stylehive Launches

Oct 21, 2006

Stylehive, the social shopping community focused on new trends, products, designers, stores and experts, launched on Oct 19, coming out of alpha with a host of new features and a big party in San Francisco.  Ideacodes is the design team for Stylehive.  See my blog post for more.

Ideacodes Redesigns

Aug 10, 2006

Ideacodes redesigns the newly launched, an online news and weblog published by Giga Omni Media Inc., a San Franciso-based company that delivers technology news, analysis and opinions on topics ranging from broadband to online games and Web 2.0 to a monthly global audience of 500,000 consumers and professionals interested in the world of hi-tech.  […]

Ideacodes Working with Sapotek

Aug 9, 2006

Ideacodes has been working on the corporate site for Sapotek Inc., the company that created the first Web-based desktop of its kind in Spanish,, as well as the launch of a new enhanced version of its world class desktop in English, Desktoptwo.  Sapotek was also featured in this month’s (August 2006) Business 2.0 magazine […]

Ideacodes and Ning

Jun 28, 2006

Ideacodes is pleased to be working with Ning on UI and user experience design for many of Ning’s upcoming features and releases.  Ning is a free online service for cloning, customizing and sharing social web applications, and is led by CEO Gina Bianchini and co-founded by Marc Andreessen.

Ideacodes to Redesign Draper Richards’ Website

May 25, 2006

Ideacodes has been hired to redesign the website. Draper Richards L.P. is a venture capital firm investing in early-stage information technology and telecommunications companies.  The Draper name is well known in the venture capital industry. Bill Draper’s father, General William H. Draper, Jr., became the first professional west-coast venture capitalist when he founded Draper, […]

Ideacodes to Redesign UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering Website

Apr 23, 2006

Ideacodes has been awarded the redesign project for the Berkeley College of Engineering website to take place this spring and summer.  The University of California, Berkeley, is the preeminent public university in the country and is consistently ranked among the top five for its engineering and information technology programs. The College of Engineering is the […]

Stylehive Launches

Mar 20, 2006 is a new collaborative shopping community.  Ideacodes has been working with Michael and his team of experts for the last five months on all facets of design (branding, UI, user experience, AJAX interaction, and social strategy). 

Ideacodes to Provide Design Consulting to Foldera

Feb 27, 2006

My web consultancy, Ideacodes, has been hired by Foldera, a Huntington Beach based company founded by CEO Richard Lusk.  Foldera has created an innovative new web-based productivity suite which “inverts the sorting and filing paradigm,” allowing users to centralize communications based on context.  Ideacodes will be providing strategic design consulting on Foldera’s application as well […]

Designing for Mary Hodder and Dabble

Jan 31, 2006

Our company, Ideacodes, is pleased to be working with Mary Hodder, CEO of Dabble, to provide identity, UI, and user experience design for her next generation web application. 

Ideacodes Redesigns CommunityWalk’s Front Page

Jan 5, 2006

CommunityWalk is a web 2.0 user created community with location mapping, photos and multimedia, and much more.  My company, Ideacodes, worked with Jared Cosulich, CEO and founder, to reshape the strategy, design, and functionality of the new dynamic home page.  Learn more at Ideacodes.

Six Apart and Ideacodes

Jul 12, 2005

I’ve moved several times in the last nine years – five moves, three states, and two coasts to be exact.  Despite these environmental and physical shifts in my life, it’s ironic that it’s the bloggers from the virtual world (kottke, hchamp, joi ito, dooce, caterina, mightygirl, and many others) that have provided a sense of […]

Chicago, then Cambridge

May 17, 2004

In Chicago for partner meetings with the gang.  Will be good to see everyone FTF.  Then, it’s off to Cambridge for the pitch at MIT with VSM.

In Boston

May 12, 2004

Haven’t been to Boston since I was a kid on family vacation.  People always say great things about Boston but it doesn’t hold much fascination for me, not sure why.  Zipping over to the School of Museum of Fine Arts for some meetings and the photo shoot.

Limestone Buildings

Apr 14, 2004

One of the views of the limestone buildings from my 14th floor room at the Crowne Plaza on K St and 14th.  I’m here in Washington DC to speak at a CASE conference (and hopefully, to refuel in the warm and sunny mid-atlantic spring). Another view of the limestone corridor:

Speaking at CASE

Apr 13, 2004

Going to be in Washington D.C. for the next few days, speaking about “Best practices in web design” at the CASE conference. Say hello if you’re there!

Clouds over Virginia

Mar 19, 2004

On a flight from Roanoke, Virginia.  As the plane broke through the clouds, we finally saw the sun.

Marina Del Ray

Jan 9, 2004

View out of my hotel room in Marina Del Ray, CA.


Jan 8, 2004

Traveling to LA for a new client meeting at LMU.  Looking forward to warmer weather and seeing the Pacific again.  Hopefully, I’ll have time to head to Venice beach and Santa Monica for some photos with the new Nikon.


Dec 16, 2003

Heading up to Syracuse tonight, then driving with JH to conduct a usability test with students in Red Creek, NY.  Interested to see their reactions to the interfaces.

80 hours in New England

Sep 3, 2003

Flying to Hartford, CT and driving to Riverdale, NY for a client meeting at Mount Saint Vincent College.  Then it’s onto Torrington, CT for an overnight stay at the Yankee Pedlar Inn on Main St.  In the morning, I’ll drive an hour to Lakeville for a meeting at the Hotchkiss School before heading back to […]


Aug 22, 2003

Driving two hours northeast to the edge of Lake Ontario to do a presentation at SUNY Oswego with MS.

Middlebury, VT

Jul 29, 2003

Heading to Vermont again, this time to Middlebury.  Driving up to meet M in Woodstock and on to Burlington for an early check-in at the hotel.  Picking up V at the airport for the presentation in the morning.  Should be interesting! Update:  Had dinner at SmokeJacks.  Best grilled tofu I’ve ever had.

Heading south

Jun 24, 2003

Giving a design workshop on best practices with at Mizzou.  I wonder if there’s any tofu there?

Back to Vermont

Jun 19, 2003

Haven’t been to Vermont since 1999 so I’m especially looking forward to driving through the rolling Green mountain landscape again.  Heading up to Woodstock to work with M and then to Hanover, NH for a meeting at Dartmouth.